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It is great to see you want to join us on our tour! We provide different ways to sign-up for our next program.

All of our activities and multiday travels can be found on MeetUp. It is very easy to create your own MeetUp account and it is completely free. In this way you can directly let us know if you want to join one of our programs. At the same time you can also check who else joined the group!

Our activities are also shared through seperate messages on our Facebook page . Signing Up using Facebook is very simple. Just send us your details through Messenger and wait for our reply.

You can of course also send us an email. Our email address is

Booking form
For activities that are €20,- euro p.p. and up or take longer than 24 hours there will be special online booking form available on this page. In this way the necessary costs can be taken care of beforehand. If there is an activity for which you would need to use a booking form we will be sure to clearly mention this in the description of the activity.

***Terms and Conditions & Privacy Statement***
Important to know! Keep in mind that all of our programs are subject to our terms & conditions (NL) and privacy statement . Please read them well and thoroughly. By signing up for our program you automatically agree you read, understood and agree to their contents. If you need any assistance with translating you can always contact us for extra help.

If you have any questions before, during or after signing-up you can of course also easily reach out to us. We will do our very best to reply as soon as possible!