Fun activities for adventurers and "house-cats"

Are you always on the lookout for the next adventure and keen on new experiences? Or are you more of a "house-cat"? Curious! but also a bit nervous about things still unknown to you? In both cases you will fit right into our community! Leisure On Tour is a new activity- and travel organisation located in the area of Lingewaard-Arnhem-Nijmegen. We focus on exploring all kinds of activities and places with adventurers and "house-cats" who are joining us during our tour. We do this by arranging and organising various programs for different ages. Just check out our program and join local people as we set out to discover it all together.

Relaxing, Easy going and Fun!

If you join a program with Leisure On Tour you can be sure that your spare time (leisure) will be in the spotlight! At a relaxing, easy going and fun way you can try out all sorts of activitities and see places which you like to explore a bit better. At the same time you can also meet other people whom you could meet up with afterwards as well. Everything will be organised beforehand so the only thing you have to do is show up. You can either come by yourself or go with someone you'd like to bring along on our adventure.

Well organised!

Good to know! Everytime we are travelling for longer than one day we will be working together with STO Garant (guarantee scheme)! Due to this arrangement you, as a participant, do not need to worry about your payment in case of any unforeseen cancellations on our behalf. We also often work together with experienced organisations that have a lot of understanding in their field of work and we carry a first aid kit with us during activitities where we are guiding the group. All of the above things and more are taken care of to make sure you can enjoy your leisure in a carefree manner.

Curious? More information

Would you like to take part in our tour? Or are you curious about our leisure suggestions? Feel free to explore our website for more information or follow our MeetUpInstagram and Facebook pages for some extra inspiration and sharing any suggestions you might have!

-Let's Explore Together-