Hi there, and welcome to our website! "Leisure On Tour" is an organisation based in Arnhem (Netherlands) that organises various activities throughout the year during which we want you to be able to enjoy your leisure time to the fullest! We set out with small groups (< 12 persons) from all different ages, backgrounds and nationalities.


So are you always on the lookout for adventures and new experiences? Or are you more of a "house-cat"? Curious! but also a bit nervous about activities and places still unknown to you? In both cases feel free to check out our next program and join us on our tour! It doesn't matter if you already travel a lot or maybe stay at home most of the time. our programs can be joined by both expert and novice leisure enthousiasts!

Our Tour !!!

During our tour we focus on exploring new places and trying out various leisure activities together with like-minded people. As leisure is as broad as can be our programs can vary from a fun picnic at the park to a hike through a forest to even a night out listening to music from a random band. Our creativity can run free as long as we can explore and spend our leisure time by meeting new people while enjoying our spare time together.  Suggestions are also very welcome! 

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hiking , city trips, cooking , geocaching, camping , board games , concerts and more!!!